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The Grand Internationals - A World Level Open Martial Arts Event,  8-11 October 2020 on the famous beach of Praia da Rocha in Portimão, Portugal.   The largest Martial Arts tournament in the world OPEN to all styles, ages, belt ranks and associations.  4 days & nights, 20 rings on raised platforms directly on the resort beach, outdoors.  

Competition in 12 Major Events with specific, separate international governing rules for each event:  1) World TKD forms & fighting, 2) All Korean forms & fighting,  

3) Karate/Japanese/Okinawan forms & fighting, 4) Kenpo/Kempo forms, 5) Kung fu/Wushu forms & fighting, 6) Open & extreme forms, 7) Traditional hard style weapons, soft style weapons & extreme weapons, 8) Team forms (3 person), 9) Board breaking, 10) Jujitsu, 11) Judo, and 12) Light Contact Continuous Fighting.  

Awards given to top 8 Places in all divisions/events, with over 500 divisions.  Grand Champion rounds for both black belt and under belt.  Spectacular awards and prizes.

Seminars by world famous masters in various styles covering strategies and applications in forms (traditional & extreme), tournament sparring (point & light contact), weapon forms (traditional & extreme), self defense tactics and more.  Watch for announcements of the specific seminars to be held all day on day 1 and during the evenings on day 2 and 3 of The Grand Internationals both on the beach platforms and in one of the main hotel ball rooms.

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