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The Grand Internationals - A World Open Level Martial Arts Event - Important links:

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The Grand Internationals is several tournaments all in one.  Separate directors, referees, and rules for each event in; Karate Kata, Kumite, World Taekwondo, All Styles Open Forms & Point Fighting, Kung fu/Wushu, Kobudo/Weapons, Jiu-Jitsu, WKA Light Contact Continuous Fighting, K1-Light, Team Forms, Team Fighting, Open Forms, Open Weapons, Extreme Weapons, Traditional Weapons, Extreme Forms and Board Breaking.  Competitors will compete on one of 20 competition rings on raised stages on the resort beach of Praia da Rocha in beautiful Portimão, Portugal.  Over 500+ divisions, 8 Places all divisions, white through black belt, all ages will compete along side the best in this Open World Level Martial Arts Event.  Unique, Prestigious, and Grand.  This is THE Competitive Martial Arts must-go-to event!  Come compete on the beach.  Come to Portimão.