Uventex Labs, Inc teamed with The Grand Internationals in Portugal

Official event registration and organization


Uvetnex Labs, Inc USA is the official event Registration & live Electronic Scoring platform and is now live online for The Grand Internationals - A World Level Open Martial Arts Event.  At that time coaches and competitors will be able to set up a free account to start registration for individuals or teams.  Simply click the REGISTER WITH UVENTEX button to the right  to set up your FREE account to register.

Note: All 12 Major Events, over 500 divisions posted on the Uventex registration website.  Please note: Early registration competitors will have the best seating order in all form and weapon events as well as the first to be eligible for a bye (free round) if applicable for their fighting divisions.  Also early registration will have the best discount pricing on all qualified events.  

Uventex is the most advanced tournament registration and management software on Earth! All scoring is computer regulated with live viewing on each ring monitor.  All competitors, coaches, parents and officials may opt to receive live event/division text updates, and a 10 minute warning reminder text (prior to their division start).  This world class event will run on time.